Friday News is recovering from all the erotica yesterday

4 Mar

… by reading the #fucktoyfriday stream on twitter. Which isn’t really helping. Oops. On with the links!


Men are dirty and disgusting, women are pure and flawless… Right? [The Good Men Project]. (since coming across that link, I got trapped in the website loveliness that is The Good Men Project; a recommended read no matter what your gender).

Use of a motorised sex toy demonstration (by a willing woman) following a lecture on human sexuality at Northwestern University in Canada has sparked controversy. Our Wills has something to say about that, but until then, here’s the BBC.

Porn discussion round-up following Ladypornday from [Pandora Blake].

Gender Differences and casual sex: the new research – an analysis from Thomas at Yes Means Yes, which finds:

“that most of the gender difference in women’s and men’s propensity to agree to a broad-daylight, out-of-nowhere proposition for casual sex is driven by women’s perception that their risks are higher, and their likely enjoyment is lower from the proposer.”

The impact of adult entertainment on rape statistics – a re-analysis  [International Union of Sex Workers].

Sex and Disability – Not Sexual Disability [Erika Lust] (I’m doing something on this, looking specifically at kinky sex and disability – watch this space – E)

This frankly awesome piece on disability by Steve Sparshott. Make a cup of coffee and sit and read it properly, it is that good [The Nervous Breakdown].


And in case you haven’t seen it – Charlie Sheen Dubstep. Enjoy your weekend, folks, if you’re coming to the social I’ll see you tonight!



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