Oscars: Black Swan 1, Gay Mom 0

28 Feb
annette benning as one of the moms in 'the kids are all right'. looking sad

didn't win...boo-hoo!

Spare a thought…if you will…for Annette Bening. She’s been nominated four times for an Academy Award, but for some reason the prize statue does not get to be in her hands. The 2011 version of the reason: Natalie Portman’s highly visable and all-conquering performance in Black Swan, which is still hooking up large audiences in actual movie theatres.

And while you’re still thinking… that movie that Ms. Bening was in is called The Kids Are All Right. It was the one with the two moms, two kids and a donor.  In a good year for film making, this interesting independent comedy was always going to be noticed.  Unfortunately, when the prizes get distributed someone has to…lose.

Oscar Summary: almost everybody got something (see above).

Greg in Hollywood on ‘The Kids’ review. The pic is also from there and is a still from the movie.


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