What we’ve been drinking…

22 Feb

Label for Shilcho coffee roast, from Monmouth Company

CCK is happy to pronounce that the specialty coffee Shilcho produced in Sidamo (southern Ethiopia) is one of the best we’ve ever tasted. And we should know: that particular brew is the current favourite fix favourite in the office.

…Shilcho has an intense fruity flavour combined with a heavy sweetness… this derives from leaving the cherries to dry on the tree until they are a deep red before picking…and drying naturally on raised screens in the sunshine before hulling to gather the green beans for roasting

Shilcho is one of a number of roasts we provide for sale here at CCK, via those folks at the Monmouth Coffee Company. You’ll be able to learn earn more…and get some…’cause we will be making it available soon in our coffee zone in the online store.


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