Friday News is multitasking in a meeting

18 Feb

It’s Friday, which is the traditional everybody-in staff meeting day at CCK towers – lots of talking about the things we’re doing, Kiera is taking photos (we might show you – we know they’ll be good, but will they be flattering?) and you’re editor here is trying not to consume the entire loaf of ginger cake. So I’m writing the links we’ve loved!

As always, these links are external to CCK, and may not reflect the views of CCK. Some links may not be suitable for work, small children, or the easily offended; they might be triggering.


Strange Fruit – the first great protest song [The Guardian].

Hipster or Gay? How to tell [Themostcake].

A short clip from a documentary about the 2009 Berlin Porn Film Festival; that year, the focus was really on female-made erotica:

You Know You’re Trans* When… is a brilliant tumblr blog.

Forget feminism, it was Agony Aunts who liberated women [The Daily Mail] (ed: I know, I know, but the article is good and I have linked to it via istyosty)

Faces of Fibromyalgia is a new blog from Fibroduck – have a read, see if you can spot a familiar face, pass it on, and if you have fibro, contribute your story.

9 Stupid Myths about Bisexuals [Alternet]


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