Bright Young Things

16 Feb

On the 19th February, at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, there is going to be a special event for young (13-26 year old) LGBTQ and questioning people, as well as their friends and allies. House of Stars, created and run by Wotever World and with LGBTQ advice being offered on the day by Galop, promises to be a place of community, strength, entertainment and convivial fun.

Running from 3-7pm, and with free entry, there will be DJs, installations and performances throughout. Performers include Naith Payton and Rachel and Alice. Anyone else interested in performing should get in touch via by Friday.

Wotever World used some of the profits from their Riot Cabaret night at the Scala last December, to fund this important event. It is not always easy for the under-18s to find places to go out in a scene that is mostly aimed at those who are older and able to buy alcohol. Understanding your sexuality and identity, finding others who are similar and can relate to what you’re going through, and being in a space in which you can all feel comfortable can be hard. Having a place that also provides entertainment by, and for, people of that age group is even harder. So well done to all those who have made this event possible!


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