Support the Trans Clothing Project!

14 Feb

The Trans Clothing Project was set up by a couple of trans guys who met via the Queer Youth Network. Its aim is to be able to provide clothing and trans-specific items to trans folk who, for whatever reason, are unable to access them. It is so important for trans people to be able to ‘pass’, in order to feel comfortable living in what can sometimes be a hostile society.

Trans* Clothing Project UK

The clothing and other items, such as binders and tucking pants that help enable trans people get by, can be too expensive for some of us to buy, difficult to find (it’s not as if you can get some of the things in your local High Street – and even when you can, there may well be a fear about buying these things so publicly) and even if you find the items online, it is often awkward for some people to have them delivered to their home addresses. The project also aims to provide information about safe personal care, for example advising trans guys not to use bandages/tape for binding.

Supported by the Queer Youth Network and Gendered Intelligence, the Trans Clothing Project is open to anyone who falls under the trans umbrella. It is strictly confidential and non-judgemental. They have set up a Facebook page which has information about the project and also has pictures of clothing available. It has also allowed trans people who may not have heard about the project otherwise, the ability to access them.

Quite often, for example when you are post-op, you have no need for some items, so this gives everyone the chance to donate them to someone who will. Though it is a peer-to-peer group, that does not mean you have to be trans to donate to this good cause. Anyone may have suitable clothing that they can donate. Also, one of the main difficulties in getting and distributing the items is the cost of postage and transport. The Trans Clothing Project do have a paypal button on their Facebook page, and you know that every donation goes some way to allowing trans people who live both in and outside of London access to what’s on offer from this marvellous project. They are currently applying for grants to help with the running costs of the project, but every donation helps.

The Trans Clothing Project is open to anyone who falls under the trans umbrella. It is strictly confidential and non-judgemental. They are working tirelessly to help their community, so if you can help in any way, if you know someone who can or even letting people know about this worthy project, please do. We should all be able to feel comfortable getting by in our day-to-day lives, and this project is going some way to help trans folk do this.


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