Outside for the Valentine Weekend

11 Feb
profile of female pop singer in a forest: tattooed right hand

singer anika moa: headlining at the Big Gay Out

The weekend where you do something special for your loved one comes closer: why not combine it with support for events during this special History month? If you fancy overdoing it, you could jet off to Auckland where the native New Zealanders are holding their annual Big Gay Out. Plenty of entertainment on the 13th in Coyle Park, including a popular slip-‘n’-slide (hose-off courtesy of the national Fire Service) and the voice of headliner Anika Moa. Here’s a blog-type link for that.

two ladies, side on and close up: red heart superimposed in red make up

love the community: go out west to Somerset for the weekend!

If you prefer something a little closer to home, then it’s possible the the second Outset Festival in Somerset will have something for you.  Performances include the usual mix of theatre, dance, debates, readings and open mic performance – which are at The Brewhouse, down in Taunton. The singer David McAlmont headlines on the second night (Saturday) at 8.


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