Tricity Vogue & her Naked Ukulele

9 Feb

Tricity Vogue & her Naked ukulele

On Thursday I found myself trotting along Hampstead Road for another performance by Tricity Vogue (Tricity is also one of the Bluestocking ladies we had the pleasure of reviewing the week before). Her nakedness came in the form of honesty and self-disclosure – and in an absence of amplification, which wasn’t necessary in the intimate Red Room in the basement of Positively 4th Street on Hampstead Road.

photo of Tricity, sitting down and playing her ukele, behind a music stand

Tricity Vogue

She kicked off her ukulele set with a song about booty calls, reminding us of all the different ways that people like to get together and ‘drink tea’. We may all be coffee lovers at Coffee, Cake & Kink, but I think we can all agree  with Tricity Vogue that ‘tea drinking’ is a wonderful activity to engage in with a wide variety of people! The rest of her set was a satirical and entertaining look at the highs and lows of relationships through the risqué lens of cabaret – offering up a satirical and sometimes dark look at love and sex.

Tricity and Des O'Connor

Her guest for this month’s set (she performs monthly at the Red Room) was the delightful Des O’Connor (He assured us he is not THAT Des O’Connor – but one of the team of Des O’Connor’s ready to perform for us). His camp and cheeky set took us on a tour of the more disturbing side of human nature, ranging from necrophilia(!) to body modification. This was carried through to the finale, when Des was joined by Tricity to perform a duet – Motherly Love – a tongue-in-cheek exploration of Des’ conflicting feelings towards Tricity – attractive lady on one hand, like a mother figure on the other. We were left with a rousing rendition of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, complete with a make-shift balcony (though to the untrained eye it might have appeared to be a chair). Tricity will be returning to the Red Room on the 3rd of March, and has numerous appearances lined up around London in the coming months as well. Find out when she’ll be on a stage near you on her website (or our events calendar, for that matter).

Tricity Vogue



Ukulele-playing guests

Tricity and Des

all photos taken by K.James.


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