Advance (Notice) Australia Fair

6 Feb

With floods and cyclones to contend with, thank goddess there is a rainbow (flag) on a silver lining to those dark and dismal clouds for our Australian friends.In Sydney, in the coming weeks, there are two events which may well be of interest to our kinksters, queers and, indeed, kinky queers down under(!). The Strip Club, being held at the Red Rattler Theatre on the 13th Feb, would be a wonderful pre-Valentines Day treat for “queers of all gender persuasions”. Being hosted by Sex Intents, who ran the very successful and much missed Gurlesque for 10 years, it will be a burlesquetastic night for you all.

The following week is the Mardi Gras Fair Day, where you can peruse the stalls, shop, join-up and generally prepare yourself for the wonder that is Mardi Gras. A variety of groups and organisations will have stalls at the event. The Femme Guild, a queer feminist femme group will have their stall where you can sign-up for Mardi Gras and buy their delectable treats, with their theme for this years event being ‘Fantasy Femme Island’. For the Leather Community, check out Sydney Leather Pride’s stall. Doing so much for the BDSM folk in Sydney, it’s a definite stall to visit and support, plus you can get to meet the lovely, local leather people. If radical queer writing is your thing, there will be a queer indie publishing stall, held in conjunction with Dirty Queer Mag and erotic women’s mag Slit.

For those of us not lucky enough to join in the fun of Mardi Gras and all things Oz, it is well worth checking out the websites listed, just in case you ever get on down to Sydney.


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