Kafe Dangao he Bientai wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

2 Feb

Today is Chinese New Year, so we are – for the day – ”咖啡,蛋糕 和 变态“ (Kafe Dangao he Bientai). Which is “Coffee, Cake and Kink” in Chinese, according to our resident linguist Joseph.

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, and, well, we couldn’t resist, because we’re a bunch of perverts who don’t think of animals when someone says “rabbit”. Ahem. But we don’t have a rabbit. We do have lots of vibrators, and this one is better than a rabbit. It’s Kiera’s staff pick of the week – the Fun Factory’s G-Twist


I’m a huge fan of the Fun Factory brand (I am slowly but surely testing each product!) because they are made from high-quality silicone and come in bright colours and funky designs – a plus if you’re attached to things that look as well as feel good.

The G-Twist’s ridges and the curved tip gives extra stimulation to the g-spot and a smooth back means a more gentle sensation in other areas. In addition there is a ‘bump’ at the bottom designed to stimulate the clit.

large purple phallic vibrator, slightly curved and ridged.

it's so... purple. The G-twist.


What I liked most is the range of vibration speed. The dial at the base of the vibrator is easy to use and starts off slowly, increasing in speed until the fastest speed is reached and then decreasing in speed again. (

Editor’s note: I would like to agree heartily with the sentiments expressed in this article, and add that the G-Twist is indeed very quiet, making it an excellent toy for those who share thier homes with others. If you take the advice of my partner, it makes an excellent Valentine’s Day Present too.


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