Coffee: you can sit on it

1 Feb

Remember to recycle…it’s important. Here’s a fun and eco-positive way of re-using any left-over coffee bean sacks you may have hanging around your office. Make yourself a Coffee Fellow Chair by stitching eight such sacks together. The filling for this trendy-looking bean-bag is styrofoam: this is a good thing because I don’t think ground coffee beans would work as well.

This idea comes curteosy of a Miss Johanna Hansson, to whom praise must be given: I do so willingly. I’ve placed a very interesting link up to this product – some curious items, such as Agressive Accessories (!) and such other stuff can be looked at there. You will also find cake…of a kind…

For equally curious items…and our excellent Monmouth coffee…follow the dots to our on-line store…



One Response to “Coffee: you can sit on it”

  1. redberret February 1, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    I think coffee beans would work well (if you could afford and/or carry that much coffee)

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