Just around the corner: LGBT History Month

27 Jan
profile pic of Ian Mckellen: from the Daily Telegraph

Actor and Activist: Ian Mckellen

CCK staff are planning to be out and about during the month of Feb. What with Valentine’s Day coming up (be sure to check out our wares in the CCK online shop), some awards ceremonies and  a few important openings in London Town alone, there isn’t a shortage of things to cover.

We won’t get to everything of course: here’s an example. Next Monday, Sir Ian McKellen will be speaking at the Cambridge Union, one of the oldest student debating forums around. This event throws a focus on the start of LGBT History Month, and I’m sure that many interested parties would be interested in such an appearance.

Alas: there’s not much space in the debating chamber…and it’s members only. Never mind: this blog tilts its hat in a reverential fashion. The slogan for LGBT  History Month captures the mood as it should: claim the history, celebrate the present and create the future. Have yourselves a good time…and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming coverage of events!
If you’re looking for things to do – we suggest a look at our events calendar, which is in the sidebar.

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