Friday news is wearing purple

21 Jan

Today is National Fetish Day. CCK is wearing purple – and we’re having a party – and we want to know what you’re up to. In the meantime, Friday News has gone purple too, and we’re got all the tasty tidbits you’ve come to expect.

As always, with all of these links, they are not CCK content, and do not necessarily express the views of CCK (we just think they’re interesting). Content may not be suitable for under-18s, workplace viewing, or be particularly kinky. On with the linky goodness!

Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy have won their case against the B&B owners who refused to allow them to share a double room. [BBC, Pink News]

Londonist reviews Sophie Reynold’s adaption of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

Glenn Cunningham and Adriano Vilar had a civil partnership in Northern Ireland last year, and new laws in Ireland have recognised their relationship – they are the first couple to be recognised under the law [Pink Paper].

Nominees announced for GLAAD’s 25th Annual Media Awards – including Burlesque, Glee, and Kele Okereke [GLAAD].


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