Staff picks – “The Toybag Guide To Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies”

19 Jan

Our staff are as passionate about the products we carry as our customers are – and being the sharing sort, every week one member of staff reviews a particular favourite of theirs to review. This week, Joseph has chosen “The Toybag Guide To Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies”, by Jay Wiseman.

cover of book titled "the toybag guide to... dungeon emergencies and supplies". The cover image is a simple line drawing of a pair of paramedic's shears, cutting through a single line.

The “toybag guide to”s are a lovely set of books. They are just little A6 paperbacks that almost look like Haynes Manuals. They’re nice little introductions into the specific fetishes and kinks, including Canes & Caning, Wax & Temperature Play, and Medical Play.

Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies is a little different, in that it covers a whole plethora of kinks, and what can go wrong with them.  Clearly written, and well sectioned, It’s basically a first aid book with a kinky context, and whilst it doesn’t cover EVERY emergency, it has good enough general tips to put your head in the right place.

Some of the legal information in it is actually U.S. specific, but the approaches to dealing with them are just good common sense.  Definitely a book to buy someone just starting to experiment.


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