Our Imagine Nation – Carolyn Weltman in NYC

19 Jan

Carolyn Weltman is a British artist living and working in New York; she creates beautiful ethreal nudes and erotic artwork in a variety of mediums.

drawing of a man's muscular back and bottom, his hands and wrists bound with rope behind him.

Binding My Muse, by Carolyn Weltman

Her solo show, Naughty Boys and Girls, showing at Basha Gallery has been extended until the 20th, and tomorrow they are hosting Our Imagine Nation – “A semi regular gathering of artists, musicians, photographers, authors, poets, performers and thinkers. People with ideas. With passion. With love and desire.”

Carolyn’s work is beautiful, and if you’re NYC we really recommend you go along – and if you’re not able to go, please take a look at Carolyn’s website, Sophi’s Grand Empire, and her etsy shop.

print of a charcoal painting; a slender woman wearing a corset leans forward, resting her hands on her knees. Her nails are painted bright red, this is the only colour in the drawing.

Bette Showgirl, by Carolyn Weltman, 2008

The address is – Basha Gallery, 45 East 34th Street, Suite 3, New York, NY; there is a facebook event here.

Carolyn on facebook and artid.


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