A short film on BBC 3 about the dangers of oral sex

6 Jan

presenterBadgeThe year is still quite new: and while the UK gets to grips with its freshness, TV traditionally fills the void with content guaranteed to make us reflect on the the gorge-fest leading to (and including) Christmas.  And it’s BBC 3  that welcomes in 2011 with a series of documentaries under the title of  ‘Dangerous Pleasures’: in which the down side of having fun is fronted by a well-known face among the young.

Expect some sex-‘n’-drugs-‘n’-booze-‘n’-texting in the series (which started on Tuesday). But look out for  next week’s offering called ‘Is Oral Sex Safe’ presented by Jaime Winstone. Why? It’s about the human papillomovirus, which is…not a nice thing to have. And it’s about young people, and the need to address the lack of infomation they have about sexually transmitted diseases.

Miss Winstone talks to health officials, a member of  the government and meets a young person dealing with the effects of  HPV. It’s grim stuff…but all praise to the Beeb for keeping this affair current, and contemporary. Worth a watch, no matter how old you are. Monday night, Jan 10 on BBC3.


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